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Associate (Overseas)
This is a 12-month membership - Membership expires Mar 31st
This membership includes 5 member slot(s)

Associate Membership (Overseas) Not registered in Myanmar (in DICA)

  • If you are a company (not an NGO) registered outside Myanmar (registered in the U.S., Singapore, etc.), this is the right membership for you.

Associate members will not receive voting rights at the Annual General Meeting, or Board of Governor eligibility.

Corporate (large and SME) membership is only open to companies with a registered office in Myanmar. If you are registered in Myanmar, you need to apply for Corporate membership (either large or SME).

Associate Members:

-Must provide proper documentation from country of registration

-Should be an American company, represent an American brand, office in the US or have business transactions with US companies

-Must be recommended by an existing AMCHAM member company or an American company

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Membership Refund Policy

The Association shall not refund any Membership fees, regardless of the nature of the separation between the Member and the Association.